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Gene Garbowsky

Director of Sales - Strategic Planning - Team Building

"Dave's Leadership Mastery program was just what I needed for my business. His business acumen assisted me in motivation my employees. His personal insights on leadership and employee development resulted in unexpected positive outcomes for my business. Outstanding program!"

Toyion Benson

Licensed Master Social Worker

“I’ve had the privilege of working under David’s leadership for three years. It was an Awesome experience because David was not the average leader, he always remained personable and available to engage with his staff. David thrived off assisting his staff in learning new ways to meet clients needs and empowering his team. It was really a great opportunity to work with him.”

Kihra Kohler

Community Support Specialist

"David Loshelder was a pleasure to work with. We collaborated on several projects together while working at Pittsburgh Mercy Health System. He always made himself regularly available. His contributions and ideas always made a difference toward the success of every project we worked on together."

Danielle Jacobson

Training Specialist at Port Authority of Allegheny County

"After working with David on different projects, I have seen firsthand the passion that he brings to his work. He is a great motivator, truly cares about his staffs' success, and brings a great energy to any group. He is able to articulate ideas in a way that truly resonates with you, which works wonders when talking about the challenges of changing management."


One in two employees at some point in their career leave their job to get away from their manager – solely in an effort to reduce anxiety and improve their overall lives.  


A Gallup Poll found that 82% of managers and executives are seen as lacking in leadership skills by their employees


A recent Harris Poll discovered that 91% of employees said that communicating well is the one skill their leaders lack.

Research shows that untrained leaders can cost a company 50% lost profits!

Here Is The Problem You Face...

  • Untrained leaders use the wrong leadership style at the wrong time with the wrong person that negatively affects company in the following ways:

  • Lost revenue

  • Poor company culture

  • Difficult to hire quality talent

  • Reduced sales and company growth

  • Low employee morale

  • Expensive turnover and retraining

  • Employee attrition

  • Low productivity

  • Lack of purpose

  • Emotional stress and anxiety


    Lucky For You There Is A Solution...

    By learning other leadership styles, you will be armed with the resources to effectively lead in different difficult situations with various types of people. Let me introduce you to Leadership Mastery, a online course for leaders at all ability levels. In this course leadership expert David Loshelder will teach you the top 10 leadership styles used in the workplace and how to apply them in your own career. Take your leadership skills to the next level with this highly effective leadership mastery online training course. 


    What You Will Learn

  • Powerful time-tested leadership practices that will make you stand out among other leaders. 

  • Why learning and developing many leadership styles will arm you with the power to positively influence and motivate anyone under your command.

  • When to implement a particular leadership style and match it with the appropriate situation.

  • How to inspire and motivate people in your business, organization, and community to get measurable results.

  • How to become more proficient and masterful at using and learning multiple leadership styles.

  • Because of the online format aspiring leaders of all levels can learn at their own pace.


    Whether you are looking to brush up on your leadership skills or looking to become a leadership blackbelt there is a course to meet your needs. Choose your leadership level below:


    Yellow Belt

  • Learn the core foundational principles of leadership to become a competent leader no matter what level you are at. 

  • Introduction 

  • Course Objectives

  • Trait Theory

  • Authoritarian Leadership

  • Coercive Leadership

  • $199




    Red Belt

    Learn advanced skills that create the foundation for becoming an outstanding leader.

  • Introduction 

  • Course Objectives

  • Trait Theory

  • Authoritarian Leadership

  • Coercive Leadership

  • Coaching Leadership

  • Situational Leadership

  • Transitional Leadership

  • Transactional Leadership

  • $249




    Black Belt

    Discover the expert principles of influence to become the leader you've always aspired to be. 

  • Introduction 

  • Course Objectives

  • Trait Theory

  • Authoritarian Leadership

  • Coercive Leadership

  • Coaching Leadership

  • Situational Leadership

  • Transitional Leadership

  • Transactional Leadership

  • Participative Leadership

  • Affiliative Leadership

  • Democratic Leadership

  • Pace-Setting Leadership

  • Bonus Lesson 

  • $299




    Take the ENTIRE LEADERSHIP COURSE risk free! If you are not completely blown away by the results of information from the course, I'll refund your money and even let you keep it. That's right. All you need to do is to email me within 7 days of your purchase with the subject line "Refund Please :)" and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

    Sound fair?

    Meet Your Master Instructor

    David Loshelder, MS,SSBB, CCEP

    Leadership expert, executive coach, and author, David Loshelder has trained, coached, and counseled over 20,000 people to build stronger and healthier team cultures saving companies over 5 million dollars by producing highly productive teams. Mr. Loshelder is sought out as a speaker and author on personal effectiveness and change, interpersonal communication and leadership. Dave received his Bachelor’s degree in Education from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters Degree in Psychology from Duquesne University. Mr. Loshelder is the founder and owner of two companies: The MindCoach Management System & 3LG Solutions, LLC.


    Virtuoso Of Leadership Wisdom 

    Mr. Loshelder's wide array of professional certifications and experience makes his perspective and effectiveness unparalleled among leadership specialists. David is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, DISC Certified Trainer, Culture Change and Engagement Specialist and Personal Development coach. He also engages in consultations with companies and collaborates and develops process improvement projects and change leadership initiatives. Dave lectures to corporations, associations, civic groups, and universities about personal achievement, communication and leadership. Dave is also the author of three books:The MindCoach SystemTake Care of #1 and Protect Yourself. He is also an avid martial artist and holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in the sport of Judo.










    If you have any questions regarding the leadership course or would like to connect with David for speaking, corporate training, or for any other reason please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you:

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